The Virtual Trainer is a prototype app that leverages multiple methodologies and calculations based on wearables data to generate tailored workout plans for individuals. The Virtual Trainer generates expected heart rate (HR) maps based on trainer created workouts that allow users to view where their HR should be during a planned workout. 


The motivation behind the Virtual Trainer was to explore how wearable technology could be used to consume information in real-time and provide actionable recommendations in response. We wanted to explore how fitness companies and others in the Health & Wellness space could leverage data from wearable devices into their overall technology road maps. We also wanted to build a prototype application that would showcase the critical thinking process of our product strategy group and the integration with our engineering teams to create a unique, product-focused Research and Development group. 


The Virtual Trainer provides a glimpse into the kind of impact that wearables and real-time biometric data can have when applied at scale. These are some of the most important features and functions of the Virtual Trainer:   

  • Personal trainers or administrators of the system can create workouts with desired heart rates based on user groups that are filtered by fitness level and desired intensity of the workout.  
  • The Virtual Trainer will provide a confidence score that takes into account all user performance data within a user group for a specific workout plan. The confidence score is combined with other factors of the user group to create a recommendation score. This score is generated by combining the confidence score and other external factors (e.g. injuries, having performed the workout plan in the last 15, 30, 60 days, time constraints, etc). The recommendation score assists the user in selecting a workout plan when they are presented with workout plan options.
  • The more users leverage a specific workout plan, the more validated the results become. The Virtual Trainer is constantly analyzing and updating workout plans based on results from users. This is the Rolling Analysis performed every time a user completes a workout plan to ensure workout plan’s recommendation score is proven. All of these methodologies, when combined in our particular order, provide a proven and tailored workout for all types of individuals.


The technology behind the Virtual Trainer includes wearable devices capable of measuring heart rate in an active state, a web server to receive information from the wearable or wearables, and a native iPad application to display the real-time heart rate results.