Hailstorm is a cloud-based load generation application capable of generating massive amounts of load on a test system and monitoring performance counters on test system components. The application provides a command-line interface (CLI) to configure the test environment, start tests, stop tests, and generate reports. Behind the scenes, the application uses Amazon EC2 to create load agents. 


The Virtual Trainer is a prototype application that leverages multiple methodologies and calculations to generate tailored workout plans. It generates expected heart rate maps based on trainer-created workouts that allow users to view precisely where their heart rate should be during a planned workout. The Virtual Trainer was created because we believe that the fitness market is ripe for disruption and there is great demand for solutions that create deep engagement with users.  


Beacons are location-based sensors that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to track user movement, display custom content, and much more. For a Beacon proof-of-concept, the 3Pillar Labs team created mobile applications for iOS and Android that track vacancy of meeting rooms, number of employees in an office, and movement of mobile devices throughout an office location. Beacons and BLE are expected to have major impacts in the worlds of health care, personal fitness, retail, and media/advertising.     


OAuth2Flow is a library that offers a simple and automated way to add authentication in your iOS application for a user friendly login using Facebook, Twitter or any other service which provides OAuth v2 authentication. 


ImageManager is an iOS module that provides image manipulation features. This module can be used as an alternative to the UIImagePickerController editor.  


This framework provides an easy way to render a give custom UIView into pdf context without the need to be aware of the original view's implementation.


SocialAuth is a popular authentication library for web & mobile applications that allows for easy user authentication via OAuth providers like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SalesForce, and more. With more than 50,000 downloads between SocialAuth Android, SocialAuth WordPress, & SocialAuth .NET, SocialAuth is one of 3Pillar Labs' most impactful contributions to the open source community to date.  


Our recommendation engine is a complete framework and sample mobile application that combines big data analytics with social media and mobile. The recommendation engine exposes a REST API, enabling quick, technology-agnostic integration with other systems. The sample mobile application recommends fitness products to users based on data collected through smart sensors. It also uses the recommendation engine to list appropriate products.


The Innovation Engine is 3Pillar Global's podcast series on corporate innovation. 3Pillar Labs developed an iOS application for the podcast that allows users to listen to all episodes of the podcast in one place, download their favorite episodes, share episodes via social media, and more. The app is a fully home-grown project that displays the mobile strategy, product management, and mobile development capabilities of the company. It also showcases original content produced by 3Pillar and provides users with a fully home-grown experience. 


Autocomplete is simple and useful feature that autocompletes textfields on mobile. This is an iOS module that behaves like a normal text field with the added functionality of providing suggestions to the user in a dropdown. 


This custom iOS audio player library can be easily integrated and adapted when you need to include such functionality in your mobile application.