The Innovation Engine is a weekly podcast produced and published by 3Pillar that focuses on corporate innovation through the lenses of company culture, executive leadership, and emerging trends and technologies. Each week, the podcast features talks with thought leaders from around the world on a different innovation-related topic. The Innovation Engine podcast app is an iOS application that provides users a one-stop shop for all of The Innovation Engine's podcast episodes. 


One of the main motivations for developing the podcast app was to create a fully home-grown iOS product that showed off 3Pillar's full suite of mobile capabilities. This includes product management, mobile strategy, user experience design, and mobile application development. The app was not only conceived, designed, and developed by 3Pillar, but also relies solely on original content created by 3Pillar.   


The app allows users to listen to all of the The Innovation Engine podcast’s episodes, keep track of their progress on each episode, download episodes that are of particular interest, see recommended episodes for each episode, and share episodes from within the app. The custom administrative back-end for the application was created with content creators and media companies in mind. It gives administrators the ability to hand-select recommended episodes for each episode.  


The Innovation Engine podcast app is a native iOS application that was developed in Swift, the primary programming language for iOS applications. The app employs a Microsoft Azure back-end for managing recommended episodes, relies on Libsyn for podcast hosting, and uses an ASP.NET API to display podcast information and metadata in the iOS app.