Image Manager is a Swift based iOS module that provides basic image manipulation features. It is available starting with iOS 8. 


The purpose of the framework is to provide a simple in app solution for basic image editing, by offering the following features:

  • Pan, zoom and rotation
  • Double tap to reset
  • Handles EXIF orientations
  • Crop and save in image library

THE VALUE OF Image Manager 

This module can be used to manipulate the image directly from your application, similar to the functionality of the native camera application.


The framework provides a view controller that that accepts a UIImage for editing.

Pressing the Crop button will end the editing process saving the cropped image into photo library. Providing a delegate will notify that the saving is finished or editing was cancelled. On completion, it presents an alert confirming the image was saved and the controller will dismiss.

You can find the complete source code and a demo project under our 3PillarLabs GitHub account: https://github.com/3pillarlabs/ios-image-manager

We also created a short video that will walk you step-by-step through how to easily integrate the framework in your iOS application.