3Pillar Labs contributes to numerous open source software initiatives. Our open source SocialAuth library has been downloaded more than 50,000 times to date. The Labs team has also built a pack of reusable iOS components to speed iOS app development. Among the other open source projects to which 3Pillar Labs has contributed are Fluent Validator, Anvil Connect, Sweet Alert and Apache HBase. The Labs team has also authored OSS projects to integrate AWS services such as SQS, SNS and SimpleDB to relevant Spring frameworks.


3Pillar Labs builds prototypes and proofs of concept for clients to test and validate the ideas for their software products before moving on to a full-blown development effort. These prototypes and proofs of concept can be used to validate whether or not there is a market for a product via user testing, A/B testing, and more. 



3Pillar Labs conducts technology & industry research and shares our learnings with the broader tech community. The research & subsequent writing comes in the from of posts on this website and the main 3Pillar Global website, outside articles that are published in major publications like TechCrunch, and presentations on trends and technologies that we give at events throughout the world.  


3Pillar Labs conducts architectural reviews to help companies ensure they are creating scalable solutions that will meet their customers' expectations for always-on products. From code analysis and refactoring to recommendations on the right technology stack for a given product, 3Pillar Labs provides architectural reviews that ensure businesses in a variety of industries are positioned to succeed with their technology endeavors.