The Beacons Event Gateway built by 3Pillar Labs can be used to facilitate event check-ins and manage attendees at large-scale events using Bluetooth LE and sensor-based mobile applications. Bluetooth LE is one of the technologies that will underpin the Internet of Things and help create a network of billions of connected devices that change the way we interact with the world around us and vice versa.  


The motivation behind creating the Beacons Event Gateway was to make it easier for event attendees to check in to events for which they are registered. We're all familiar with the long lines that are common at large events and the manual check-in process, which often involves the scanning or manual collection of paper tickets, electronic tickets, QR codes, etc. The idea behind the Beacons Event Gateway was to do away with the manual nature of attendee management via Bluetooth LE and beacon technology. 

THE VALUE OF the event gateway

In addition to helping manage event check-ins, beacon technology can be very helpful in other event management processes, too. We can use beacons for navigation guides across the venue for the public. They can also be used to inform the attendees of various regions of a floor plan for wayfaring or to encourage them to explore. They can be used to deliver digital content for various events taking place. In these ways, beacon technology promises to be extensively helpful in offering the attendees enhanced engagement and experience in any event.


To create the Beacons Event Gateway, we used Swift for iOS development, Apple’s development environment Xcode, Java for Android, a NodeJS web service to develop the application, and Estimote beacons that tap into Bluetooth LE technology.