Autocomplete is a framework for mobile applications that provides text field suggestions as a dropdown list. It is available with iOS 8 and later, Objective-C or Swift. 


The purpose of this framework is to provide a simple, yet very useful feature - autocomplete textfield. iOS autocomplete is an iOS module that behaves like a normal text field with the added functionality that it provides suggestions to the user in a dropdown.


This framework offers an architecture model for implementing suggestions in your iOS application. It brings flexibility in assigning a data source and customizable table animations. 


Based on the class UITextField, Autocomplete offers inspectable properties (properties which are used in Interface Builder) by overriding the default behavior to provide support for suggestions. On text change event from the text field, it requests suggestions from data source and shows them in a UITableView using animation from animation delegate. You can find the complete source code and a demo project under our 3PillarLabs GitHub account:  https://github.com/3pillarlabs/ios-autocomplete

We also created a short video demo that will show you step by step how to easily integrate the framework in your iOS application.