• Augmented Reality

      Augmented Reality is a technology which augments sound, video, graphics and other sensor based inputs on real world objects using camera. Using 3PillarLabs AR library, developers can develop AR apps without requiring knowledge of JNI and OPENGL. The library contains simple to use java methods to display video and image on top of markers. The key features of library that helps user includes dynamic identification of video and images, manage and add targets from Java interface, adding video transparency to videos and playing video automatically when user starts the app. User needs to provide only targets information, content and camera.

    • Recommendation Engine

      We have developed a complete framework and a sample mobile application demonstrating our capabilities in big data analytics, social and mobile domains. The recommendation engine exposes a REST API enabling quick technology agnostic integration with other systems. For JAVA applications, the recommendation engine can be embedded as a re-usable component/library. The sample mobile application recommends fitness products to users, based on their data collected through smart sensors and using the recommendation engine to list appropriate products.

    • Hailstorm

      Hailstorm is our cloud based load generation application capable of generating massive amounts of load on a test system and monitoring performance counters on test system components. Hailstorm uses JMeter to generate the requests and Amazon EC2 to scale the load on the system under test. It finally produces a performance report for the system in a fully automated manner along with graphs for showing the slow pages, throughput and the resources being consumed on the target system. It has been successfully used by several of our customers to certify the performance, including Starfish, AceTrax